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Top Floor, "La Colmena" Center, 50th St. and Via Israel

Panama City, Panama

P.O. Box: 0816-02014
Phone: (507) 263-6450
Fax: (507) 263-6818grupo@centraldeseguros.com


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Law 59 - Insurance Companies

Law 63 - Re Insurance Companies

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About Us

"Our life and history are summarized in our efforts and dedication, and the satisfaction we see in our customers"

Grupo Central de Seguros has the resources and the experience of its agents. Each agent is in charge of a department, and is a specialist in his field. We consider this advantageous for our customers who are attended to by specialists in each and every insurance field.

Professional memberships

Panamanian Association of Business Executives (APEDE)
Life Insurance Agents Association (APROSEVID)
Panamanian Chamber of Insurance Brokers (CAPECOSE)
National College of Insurance Agents (CONALPROSE)
Panamanian Confederation of Insurance Agents (COPAPROSE)

Insurance brokers we manage

Segumático, S.A.
Víctor J. de la Guardia, S.A.
Complejo Financiero de Panamá, S.A.