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Policies at competitive rates and terms

On automobile policies, we have developed a computerized program which allows us to compare the cost of a policy as quoted by various insurance firms at the same time, and immediately giving the best alternative at the lowest possible cost.


The automobile insurance policy program also provides various alternatives for coverage and limits on legal responsibility for bodily injury, damage to third parties, and medical payments.

Competitive deductibles

We offer competitive deductibles on comprehensive and collision risks.

Rapid issuing of policies

Once the limits and desired insurance company have been chosen, the customer's personal information is fed into the program, and the policy is automatically issued or temporary coverage is authorized.

The customer has the right to choose

You may select the insurance company of your choice based on price, claims service, background, business or personal relations with the company, and your own experience with service received in the past.

New and used cars

We inspect all used cars at our offices, and while you wait, we will issue your policy.

Easy terms of payment

You may opt for different terms of payment. You have up to 12 consecutive months with no additional charges to your premium when payments are made through bank deductions. Payment can also be made by credit card.

Policy delivery

The policy is delivered to you in the manner you choose: by mail, in person or picked up at our offices. When you come in for your policy, you will be advised of what is covered and how to proceed in case of claims. Whatever doubts you may have regarding the policy or how coverage is handled will be explained to you, and you will meet the personnel in our office who will attend to your claims.

Permanent customer contact

One month before the policy expires you will be sent a notice of expiration with the details for renewal.

This website is an open window to our company twenty-four hours a day. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Write us.

"At the moment of truth"

The process of presenting a claim is one of the most important transactions in the insurance business. It is the moment to render the service the insured person has bought through his policy. At Central Insurance Group we have personnel dedicated exclusively to attending to our customers who submit insurance claims, and to rapidly, efficiently and satisfactorily settle them.

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