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Universal Life Insurance

This plan has a minimum premium that allows you to accumulate savings while covering the insurance cost. This cost increases annually, but the premium may remain the same. This plan has paid annual interest rates averaging 7.5%, not guaranteed, on savings over US$1,000.00. The insured amount and premiums paid by the policyholder can be adjusted according to the changing needs of the insured person.

Level Term Life Insurance

This coverage is bought annually and is automatically renewed on the life of the policy owner. Initially, the cost is lower, but each time it is renewed, the cost increases. It does not produce any cash values or savings. It is the best alternative for someone needing high coverage for a short period of time at a low cost.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance

A special plan mainly used as a requirement for financial loans. With this policy, the insured amount decreases as the amount of the loan is reduced. The premium remains fixed.

Group Life Insurance

This is a traditional life insurance plan that combines savings and protection. Coverage remains in effect as long as the leveled premiums are paid. The policyholder may remain covered for his entire life.

PPOs Health Insurance

The Preferred Provider Organizations coverage is issued annually and is renewable, and provides protection for each member of a group in the event of death. The coverage is usually extended up to 70 years of age. The policyholders have the right to request that the plan be converted to any permanent Life Insurance plan.

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